Bay Area Restoration Systems

We now install bay area restoration systems. The Maryland Department of the Environment has a committee focused on choosing which nitrogen-reducing, on-site sewage disposal systems are the best technologies available and eligible to be approved for a grant.

To qualify for the grant, a system must be 50 percent or more effective at reducing TN at the arithmetic mean and/or a treated effluent TN of 30 mg/L or less.

thorough sample checking

For a system to become eligible, 48 water samples must be obtained and tested for quality improvement. Of the 48 samples, 12 of them must be obtained in the winter.

technology ratings are based on

  • Total nitrogen reduction for the technologies
  • Total cost of the technology to include operation/maintenance and electrical consumption
  • Cost per pound for nitrogen reduction

completing maryland field verification

The field verification process is a lengthy one, but it is required to ensure that a system is considered best available technology. We can install systems that are already through the verification process and on the state’s approved list.

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